SCANDAL: Club Director attempts hostile takeover of club
It's not everyday to see a hostile takeover of a youth soccer club via scandal. However, sources have confirmed that this is exactly what is at play at Arsenal SC in North Texas. Word on the street is Coach Luis Zuazua has to began leveraging his access to Arsenal SC's website (as their former technical director and webmaster) to portray that there has been a club name change.

Recently, the social media accounts and website of Arsenal SC were updated to display the following messaging:


Also, Arsenal parents were sent this letter from ZuaZua :


So what's the big deal?

Everything was fine, until we learned that NONE of it was sanctioned or approved by Tony Falcon, the founder and owner of Arsenal SC.   Coach Falcon, a man who hired ZuaZua after he quit midseason on Solar DA a few years ago, when NOBODY would hire him... After hiring him as Technical Director for Arsenal SC, Tony also gave ZuaZua complete access the the clubs website, due to ZuaZua's history as a webmaster and graphic designer.  Not only were the club name change announcements false,  Arsenal SC was actually just officially merged with Avanti SA.


Talk about a dramatic mess, we can't imagine what Arsenal's parents are thinking.... If you go to the club's website (, you'll find that ZuaZua is still attempting to perpetuate his fraud.  More to come.... Let us know your thoughts on this drama... 


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