Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 3
Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 3

Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 3

As promised… we’re back with a follow-up on the Tigres Cheating Scandal. No time for a recap, but you can catchup here:

I want to begin by differentiating clearly the different orgs within North Texas who are Tigres, while reiterate that these are independent and unique clubs, completely unique from each other…. OR are they really?

First, we can definitively say that the GARLAND TIGRES ACADEMY has NO AFFILIATION with the DALLAS TIGRES ACADEMY. This point was made very clear as Juan Ismael Alvarez and Shannin Guillen sat down with us for an #OnTheWire interview to talk about this entire saga.

Check it out here: https://youtu.be/thHi9a5qSEY 

In addition to the #OnTheWire chat, we took a peek at the Tigre’s parent club site, which list all their US club affiliations: https://www.tigres.com.mx/academia/academias/texas/

We can clearly see that they are independent charters of Tigres… but take a closer look the Dallas Tigres Academy and the Mesquite Tigres Academy. Seems like somebody is lying about their affiliations and involvement..to us. Both the Dallas and Mesquite charters have the same leadership, Guadalupe De La Rosa. This only highlights the irony of their Facebook statement distancing themselves…. 

Let’s just say.... maybe they forgot that Guadalupe De La Rosa runs both clubs "officially".

That said, we should momentarily turn our attention to Classic League’s culpability. It has been reported to us by several sources that Jeannie and her team were made aware of this roster issue, in advance of the first game of Week 2 of the QT. If true, their lack of action only compounds the harm done by not replacing the disqualified Tigres in time, especially considering they charge a fee to teams who "protest" a roster. It seems that maybe the Classic League officials aren't as interested in vetting the rosters and ensuring that the teams fielded are legit. We will continue to dig there, but considering the amount of money spent on these leagues, it's time we start asking Classic League the hard questions: Why aren't refs doing a better job of vetting rosters prior to the games? Why are you charging a fee for a team to protest another's roster? Why does this continue to happen in your expensive league, which prides itself on rules and procedure? Seems they are more interested in making sure Parents and Kids don't walk across those fields, than doing the job of vetting and ensuring the integrity of the competition.


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