BVB Scandal: The One That Got Away
BVB Scandal: The One That Got Away

BVB Scandal: The One That Got Away

Back in June, we posted the NTSSA Suspensions List, simply to inform the public of its existence.  While posting it we figured the general public would potentially recognize a few names. Yet, we had no idea of the what we’d soon learn from some of our followers who immediately pointed to a name of a coach at BVB (formerly Liverpool) who was listed as serving a 28 year suspension. Although the term of the suspension was set to end in 2025,  said coach was also still actively coaching, and even within NTSSA sanctioned leagues such as CLASSIC LEAGUE. Who is this mystery man? Well as you’ll soon learn, even his name may be part of the conspiracy. This is simply a story that happened to us by informing the public.

Ross Foster is the coach of the BVB Boys 08 ECNL, a top team within their age group. Obviously ECNL isn’t a NTSSA governed league, but a few short months ago they were playing in D1 Classic League (U12), which is a NTSSA governed league.   

Foster was suspended in 1997, for his alleged participation in team brawl, during a soccer game (as a player). These details have not been confirmed by NTX Soccer Wire directly with NTSSA, however, we do have a letter from the alleged victim which was submitted to NTSSA very recently to assist Foster and BVB with getting his ban lifted officially. Their claim was that this entire ordeal occurred prior to Foster becoming a coach, and while he was aware of a suspension, he was UNAWARE that the ban extended to “all soccer activities” which mean he would have been also prohibited from coaching.  In the months since us posting the ban list, and with other parents recognizing his name there and reporting to us that he was an active coach, BVB and Foster took the offensive and began to close ranks and seek an appeal.  The paramount evidence used to appeal the suspension is the letter mentioned above by the alleged victim. Read it for yourself…

So, why did it take the allege victim over 20 years to come forward and exonerate Foster? If the details are of the letter are the facts, Foster could have been cleared of any wrong doing immediately. Yet, after our posting and bringing to light his suspension, the alleged victim is immediately reachable and willing to help. If true, Foster just might be a victim. However, let’s hold on those feelings of kumbaya.. Based on the letter, the writer has “..known Ross since we were little kids playing soccer with big kid soccer dreams.”   For me, this throws even more darts at the idea that this allege victim WAITED over 20 years to come forward to speak with NTSSA officials about lifting Ross’ ban. Sure, if both the victim and Foster were unaware of the suspension, it would make sense.... but it seems unlikely. 

So, how could Foster not know he was suspended? Every time he registered his team in North Texas, his own name would have been flagged… if his own name was used in the suspension 🤔. So once we were made aware of Foster being an active coach, parents tipped us that he was coaching in Classic League. A quick look then at the league records shows this:

As you can see, it appears that Ross’ name was listed as "Raymond" Foster, while coaching in Classic league. This would be a clear indication that he indeed knew that he was suspended, if we believed he changed his name. Turns out, Raymond is his first name afterall. This would also explain how he’s been able to coach consistently throughout NTX, without issues arising before. 

For now, a few BVB parents are claiming that Foster’s suspension has recently been overturned by NTSSA. These are claims we have not yet been able to verify, so we will continue to look into this a bit more for updates and clarity.


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