Scandal: The Brawl for it All
Huge fight ends the Dallas Silver Cup semi-final game involving the Arlington Legends 07B and Fever United07B (Moreno) teams.

The Dallas Silver Cup is the newest qualifier for the both infamous and prestigious Dallas Cup.  Many teams in DFW chose to participate in its inaugural event, hosted at several locations throughout DFW.  The competition has been fierce, giving teams an opportunity to play strong competition while offering its champion a berth in the following year’s Dallas Cup.  As you can imagine, tempers flare and emotions get heightened as the playoff rounds play out. 

During one U14 semi-final matchup of the Dallas Silver Cup, the Arlington Legends faced-off with  Fever United.  Yet the result wasn’t anything expected, as the match resulted in a coach being ejected, a double disqualification, a fist-fight turned brawl, and a few parents being arrested. Check out the video, as it captures the beginning of the mayhem:

So what happened?

According to sources on the scene, the game played out in a very physical and aggressive fashion. Multiple fouls and cards were issued by officials in hopes of keeping things under control. About 20 mins in, Fever's assistant coach  was issued a red card after he’d already earned an earlier yellow card. Following the coach's ejection, the emotions continued to run high with every foul or callas parents were yelling on the field at the officials and opposing players. 

Allegedly things exploded with a reaction to an out-of-bounds call was made by the officials. The ref signaled that the possession went to Legends , and in response, a Fever United player allegedly picked up the ball and threw it, striking a Legends player in the face. This sparks an altercation that results in a fist fight, as the Legends player charges back in retaliation. Things escalated quickly when one Fever United player’s mom rushes the field and attacks a Legends player that her son was involved in the scuffle with.  Mayhem ensued, and a  full-fledge brawl would occur. The scene was very chaotic and no doubt traumatic for many children who witnessed this. 

Eventually the police were called out to restore order, and multiple arrest were made, include one of the mom would thought it wise to attack an opposing player physically. 

Busted: Soccer Parent is arrested after brawl

Tournament leadership handles the situations swiftly

Dallas Silver Cup's leadership wasted no time in  their response to this situation. Once order was restored and they could gather their notes, they ultimately decided to disqualify both team from the tournament. This also meant that the other semi-final, which continued to play throughout the entire incident just one field over, would be treated as the final . Solar U14 ECNL, would win the other semi-final match in PKS vs Dallas Texans ECNL, and would be  crowned the U14 Champion of the Dallas Silver Cup.  Thanks to the disqualifications made, there wouldn't be a final, and Solar would claim the 2022 Dallas Cup berth. (Congratulations to Solar U14 ECNL)

We are told that a police investigation is underway and all the video evidence we've shared here has been handed to assist in that investigation. If allegations are verified, some serious assault charges will be filed. 

We are still gathering details, and will share as we continue to learn more details. 


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