SCANDAL:  Solar Coach was BUSTED in Prostitution Sting
Dozens of local men – including some community leaders – were arrested recently at hotels in Frisco and Southlake as part of a multi-agency prostitution sting. Among the 46 men arrested was Coach Liam Donnelly, of Solar SC.

 Donnelly was allegedly arrested at a Southlake hotel for attempting to solicit the services of a prostitute..  Not to speculate too much, you can  read the news report here.

Arrested publicly .... Again?

Oh... Did we mention this isn't the first time....LMAO 

In 2015, Coach Donnelly was in news headlines for being arrested in Bedford for Public Intoxication. So yea, this isn't his first brush with the police or public arrests at all.  He wasn't an employee of Solar SC then, so I'm surprised that he was hired, honestly.  I guess we'll have to ask Solar more about this, as perhaps there were extenuating circumstances that weren't public knowledge at the time.   

To their credit (or discredit), Solar has scrubbed their website of any mention of Donnelly in the waining days of the recent arrest stemming from the aforementioned prostitution sting.   Mission accomplished if the goal was to avoid any association publicly (well almost, thanks to this post). 

We'll continue to monitor the progress on this one and update as new details are made public.  Until then, leave a comment in the FB group and let us know how you feel.   Do you think Donnelly should be held accountable for NTSSA and have his coaching license sanctioned?   Let us know your thoughts. 


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