Scandal: Dallas Gadols FC disqualified for cheating in Tulsa
Dallas Gadols FC 09B just got busted playing an illegal player at the Adidas Oklahoma Showcase (Tulsa, OK).

Dallas Gadols FC 09B were competing in the Adidas Oklahoma Showcase, but were allegedly reported to have been using an older player. While it's not confirmed the age of the ineligible player, reports are that the player was found to be 14 years old, playing in a U13 match.  Their coach Luis Barrientos is facing some heat for this latest cheating scandal.  A quick peek at the showcase standings confirms that all of their group games were indeed forfeited:


As always, we will keep digging to learn more.  It's not everyday a NTX team travels to Tulsa for a tournament, only to end up being busted as cheaters. Share your thoughts on our FB Group.  Thoughts?


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