Scandal: Angry Solar Coach loses his cool
It's not everyday you witness a coach having to be physically restrained by his parents. After a U90C Summer Splash tournament match-up involving Solar South 11B Garcia vs Aztecas FC 11B Blue, Coach Ricky Garcia was seen in a verbal altercation with a mom from the opposing team.

Watch the altercation for yourself

Things escalated quickly, as you can see in the video, and thankfully some gentlemen were on the scene to separate the two before it got physical.  We don't have all the details or audio of what was said during the exchange, but sources have shared the following:


There certainly seems to be some personal history there.  However, what boggles my mind is the fact that this was a game that went well in the favor of Coach Garcia's team.


When I noticed that Solar had won the match 6-0, it. was disappointing to learn that Coach Garcia spent any time talking with an opposing team parent.  I won't elaborate on the optics of him allowing himself to be in a position to potentially have a physical altercation with a female. However, I will ask... is there ever really a good reason for a coach to address an opposing team's parent(s)?  This all really sucks because the kids took care of business on the field, and that shouldn't have been overshadowed by their coach. We see parents lose their cool, but coaches should be held to a much higher standard. This behavior is in no way acceptable, and I'm sure there is regret.  Therefore, we're very curious to see how Solar's leadership addresses this behavior.  

As always, FUT411 will be listening and learning more. Let us know what you think on the FB threads. 


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