Scandal: Angry NTX Celtic parent loses her cool and more
This got a bit heated at the Red River CrossOver Cup tournament. This NTX mom lost her cool, and then some.

Angry NTX Soccer mom flashes the moon?

It appears things got a bit heated on the sidelines of a U14 soccer match between NTX Celtic and OK Cosmos 07B Elite.  Just how heated did things get?.... well, let's just say hot enough for layers of clothing to be shed.   We are very interested in learning what transpired during the game, and what led up to this Celtic mom loosing control. No description available.

As we can see, the game itself was very tight, so we are free to run wild with our imaginations a bit.  I think we can all agree that her behavior crosses some major lines, yet we're very curious to know what actually transpired to push her this far over the edge.   As always, we'll keep our ears to the ground and keep investigating what happened there. Until then, lets all keep our clothes on at these youth sport events. 

XOXO- Gossip Girls


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