Scandal: Angry FC Dallas Parent threatens crowd with gun
As Next Generations Cup tournament continues this weekend, things spill out of control following one U13 Boys match. During an altercation, a FC Dallas parent threatens to retrieve a gun from his vehicle as the police are called to the scene.

So what happened?

Tempers actually flared early during the final U13 Boys group match, involving Dallas Legacy 08 Arroyo and FC Dallas WT (Abilene).  Allegedly there was a fight earlier during the game, and both players involved received red cards and left the game. The refs restored order and the game was able to continue peaceably, ending in a 2-2 draw.  However, tempers continued to run high post game.    

Allegedly, a FC Dallas dad was involved in a verbal exchange with a  Dallas Legacy mom. As other parents saw the altercation escalating, many rushed to keep the shouting parents apart.  It's speculated that with the crowd rushing in his direction,  the FC Dallas parent  apparently felt threatened in some way. He allegedly sprints towards the parking lot shouting that he's going to get his gun from his car.   As you can imagine, hysteria and chaos would ensue and fortunately for all involved the police are there on the scene quickly, to restore order before this escalates even more.

We aren't certain at this point why things continued to escalate post game, or what was said or done to spark the incident between parents. We aren't going to speculate, so we'll keep digging and let our community square this one up for us.  Let us know your thoughts. 


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