CHEATERS: Mexico FC 04 (U17 D3 Classic League)
Another cheating scandal...

CHEATERS: Mexico FC 04 (U17 D3 Classic League)

Scandal Alert: Mexico FC (Galicia) 04B was removed from Classic League this morning due to cheating. Roster check was done at the halftime of to their scheduled 8am game today. The players were each called out and gave name and DOB. However, the pictures did not match and the players eventually admitted to league officials that they were not the players on the roster. 😳

So earlier this week Classic League received a report from former players or their parents letting them know that they had not been playing with the Mexico FC 04B team for about a month. League officials went back and checked and the game report shows they had actually played. So a sting operation was pre-planned during the roster check for today, after half time at their 8am game. They pulled all players to the middle of the field and asked each one their name and date of birth. Well, 3 of the players did not match their pics in gotsoccer at all. Officials asked if they were the player in the pic and the players said no. Afterwards, the players reluctantly gave their real names, and it was indeed revealed that they were not on the roster.😳

All prior games will go as forfeits. Now disciplinary cases will be brought against each of the 3 players, the coach, and club. The coach also has a team in Arlington Premier League. We will continue tracking this evolving situation, and share what we learn. Stay tuned for updates.


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