Club Rankings - David's List
With open tryouts being held at most clubs the next few weeks, I thought it would be ideal to release my rankings of NTX clubs, based solely on my own personal research criteria and an objective perspective of their operations.

Club Rankings

  1. AYSES SC (4.88) - AYSES being atop the list is likely a surprise to many of our readers, yet it's where they ranked objectively. This smaller club, has a very rich history of developing players into both local and international academies. Founded by Kenyan Soccer legend, Sammy Olali, AYSES' facilities are rated for elite programing (ECNL) and their coaches are both licensed and mentored well. Their fees are reasonable and their location serves several NTX communities with limited options, while also being amicably placed in the North Dallas region along I-75. 
  2. Dallas Texans (4.75) - Say what you want, but nobody will ever deny what Texans' performance has been in the Metroplex on a consistent basis. They’ve always been competing on a top tier level and their development tree includes Clint Dempsey and a few other rock stars.
  3. Solar SC (4.65)- Solar has been labeled the great anomaly of NTX soccer. They boaster the top performing girls program in the area, arguably the nation.  Their boys side has also frequently been amongst the top performing in the the DFW market.
  4. FC Dallas (4.5)- As the lone “professional” club in the area, FC Dallas has the very best in quality facilities, exposure the national league platforms, and domestic professional pathway (MLS).
  5. DKSC SC (3.98) - DKSC in recent years has added national programing to its boys side and immediately claimed a National Championship for their trophy room (ECNL). Their girls side is also elite and competes on national league platforms (ECNL). Very few other clubs within the area have consistently secured the number of national team call-ups and selections as this club.
  6. Avanti SA (3.5)
  7. Dallas Roma (3.24)
  8. BVB IA  (3.12)
  9. NTX Celtic (2.89)
  10. Sting SC (2.75

WTH.... How does David rank the youth soccer clubs?

Everyday I am flooded with questions from parents about potential moves to Clubs/Teams/Coaches. I generally work with parents to help evaluate their specific options.  To evaluate clubs consistently, I developed the a 5pt scoring system using the following categories:

  • Facilities and Logistics : Where are training sessions centralized and what is the quality of the facilities. Good fields, consistent practice location, etc.
  • Financials and Fees : How much does it cost? How much value are families getting for the fees paid?
  • Licensed Coaching and Leadership structure :  Are these professionally trained instructors? Does the club’s leadership have a vision of growth?
  • League Platforms and exposure : Where are the top end groups within the club playing? Exposure to National competition? Showcase opportunities for scouting and recruitment.
  • Development & Alumni :  Who are the best players to come from this club? What other indications do we have to review/research to confirm development KPIs? 

Feel free to argue, but this is how I see the top 10 options in Dallas.  There are certainly honorable mentions and great arguments to debate the order. I'm here for all of it.  Best of luck to all looking to find a new teams/clubs during this tryout season... may the force be with you.


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