Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 4
Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 4

Update to Tigres 07 Cheating Scandal - Part 4

Simple update today on the story of the As promised… we’re back with another follow-up on the Tigres Cheating Scandal. I won’t bore you with a full recap, but you can catchup here:

So today’s big news is that after a few days of putting some pressure on them, the Mesquite Tigres Academy has now folded. We have confirmed through a direct source which reported them to Mexico, that they are no longer a part of the Tigres UANL (Mexico) listing of their American Academy affiliates. Today, Tigres UANL delisted them on their website, and we are told a further investigation is pending agains the Dallas Tigres Academy. Check it out: https://www.tigres.com.mx/academia/academias/texas/

So, if you haven’t being following, you might ask: “Why would they be considering na investigation against the Dallas Tigres Academy?” …. Well, allow me to introduce you to the really NTX version “Rey Tigres” aka the Tiger King…. Guadalupe De La Rosa

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Guadalupe De La Rosa, is the founder and President of Dallas Tigres Academy. As we reported in Part 3, he’s also Founder of the Mesquite Tigres Academy, as it was listed on Tigres UANL’s website yesterday:

That’s the truth, despite Dallas Tigres claims of having affiliation at all….

Not much is known about him personally, and we don’t want to dabble in gossip. Our goal is to only share facts as they are revealed and confirmed. What is known currently, is that TIgres UANL are waiting to hear if an investigation by either Classic League or NTSSA will proceed against the Dallas Tigres Academy. We’ve been told that it would be disastrous, as many believe that Tigres UANL would likely cut ties completely from the Dallas Tigres, thus causing them to fold as well. We will continue digging, but for now we’ll reserve out speculation for a later date when we have more details. For now… the Tiger King will have to sort out and explains somethings to the Mexico club …. Who knows, Carrol Baskins just might be the source who reported them all?