Dallas Cup Updates: Boys Bracket Winners & Girls Final Reactions
Group stages are now complete for most age groups, let's take a look at how the brackets played out for U13 and older:

 Teams with  **  were accurately predicted.

U13 (2008)

Bracket A:  Solar U13 MLS  **

Bracket B:  Houston Dynamo Academy

Bracket C:  DKSC Lopez  **

Bracket D:  Slammers FC ECNL  **

Bracket E:  Real Salt Lake MLS  **

Bracket F:  Soccerforkids.org Select FC

Wildcard #1:  Rayos FC

Wildcard #2:  SoCal Elite FC

I was only right about 4/8 advancement predictions, so I won't be gloating too much here. The group stages were brutal, and eliminated some of my favorites early.  

U14 (2007)

Bracket A:  Wake Futbol 

Bracket B:  Cadence SFC Academy  **

Bracket C:  Dallas Texans U14 Academy  **

Bracket D:  Real Salt Lake MLS  **

Bracket E:  Solar U14 MLS  **

Bracket F:  Solar 07B Mckinney

Bracket G:  Dallas 07B Rebels (Loya)

Bracket H:  SD Surf SC

While half of the brackets played out as predicted, I'm both intrigued and stunned to see some of the results of the group stages. Obviously in both the U13  and U14 age groups, FC Dallas Academy and FC Dallas Premier ECNL both failed advance. 

U15 (2006)

Bracket A:  Solar ECNL

Bracket B:  SD Surf ECNL  **

Bracket C:  Dallas Texans U15 Academy

Bracket D:  Solar U15 MLS  **

Bracket E:  FC Dallas U15 Academy  **

Bracket F:  FC Dallas Premier ECNL  **

Bracket G:  Real Salt Lake MLS  **

Wildcard #1:  RSL North 06B Rideout  **

Looks like  6/8 of my predictions were spot on... Shout out to Dallas Texans Academy and Solar ECNL, both NTX groups rose to the occasion and proved me wrong. Great work and keep it going. 

U16 (2005)


Final:  DKSC 05G ECNL vs Solar 06G ECNL

 My projected winner is DKSC ECNL. Solar 06G ECNL has been very impressive so far during this tournament, playing up and not only competing but dominating much of the field. I just think DKSC's quality will be a bit much to overcome during the final. 



Bracket A:  ID Houston Dynamo CDP

Bracket B:  Olympiacos Futbol  **

Bracket C:  FC Dallas Premier ECNL  **

Bracket D:  LA United MLS

Bracket E:  Dallas Texans U16 ECNL  **

Bracket F:  DKSC Selecao   **

Bracket G:  Crossfire ECNL  **

Wildcard #1: Solar U16 MLS

I was right on 5/8 advancement projections. The real story here is the possibility of DKSC Selecao repeating as Champions of the 2005 age groups. It's gonna be a great playoffs round, so best of luck to all the teams. 

U17 (2004)


 Final:  Solar 04G ECNL vs FC Dallas U17 ECNL

 My projected winner is Solar 04G ECNL. This game will be broadcasted on ESPN, as it will feature some of the nations most coveted talent from this age group.  I personally watched as these teams faced-off on earlier during the group stage, in which that match ended in a 2-2 draw. I'll also be onsite to witness this anticipated rematch, and I expect nothing less than a thriller. 



Bracket A:  Weston FC MLS  **

Bracket B:  Strikers Miami FC MLS

Bracket C:  FC Dallas ETX

Bracket D:  Miami Rush

Bracket E:  NM Rush ECNL  **

Bracket F:  Falls Town FC

Bracket G:  Baltimore Armour

Bracket H:  SD Surf SC ECNL

Seems I hit a wall with this age group, as I would grade the group projections here as a failure. Shoutout to all the teams here who stood up and balled out, making me eat crow. Best wishes on the playoff rounds to each team. 

U18 (2003)


 Final:  FC Dallas 03G West vs Solar 04G FDL 

 My projected winner is FC Dallas 03G West. Im picking them because I believe their defense will be a bit better than Solar has faced all tournament, as their back lines will stay tight. 



Bracket A:  RGV FC Toros

Bracket B:  FC Dallas Premier  **

Bracket C:  Indiana Fire

Bracket D:  Future Monarchs  **

Bracket E:  FC Dallas Youth 03B  **

Bracket F:  Falls Town FC

Wildcard #1: FC Premier 

Wildcard #2: Barca Academy  **

Barca Academy didn't win the group as I projected, but they claimed a spot to advance.  FC Premier takes the other wildcard.  I was right on 4/8 advancement projections.

U19 (2002)


Final: Crossfire Premier u18/19 ECNL vs FC Dallas 03G ECNL

 My projected winner is FC Dallas 03G ECNL. The way they handled Sting in the semi-final has me feeling pretty good about the younger group in this one. 



Bracket A:  Dallas Texans U19 Academy  **

Bracket B:  Crossfire ECNL  **

Bracket C:  Solar U19 MLS  **

Bracket D:  FC Dallas U19 Academy  **

Bracket E:  Strikers Miami FC  **

Bracket F:  Miami Rush   **

Bracket G:  FC Dallas Premier  **

Bracket H:  Solar 02B ECNL  **

Okay... so clearly I was right about this age group's predictions. Everything played out exactly the way I predicted. Best of luck to all teams!


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