Dallas Cup Predictions - U19 (2002)
Checkout our how we predict the U19 (2002) groups in the 2021 Dallas Cup it will play out:

U19 Girls

The U19 Girls group features 8 teams (2 brackets with 4 teams each).   Only the 1st and 2nd placed teams in each bracket will advance.  

Bracket A =  Sting 02G  ECNL,  Crossfire Premier 02G ECNL

Sting ECNL will claim 1st place in this group. Their top challenger will be Crossfire Premier.

Bracket B =   Shattuck St. Mary  02G, Solar 03G ECNL

Although we believe it will be a very tight group,  Shattuck St. Mary should win this group. Solar ECNL will be their toughest challenger. These two will advance to represent this group.

Note: There are no wildcard teams.

U19 Boys

The U19 Boys group features 32 teams (8 brackets with 4 teams each).   Only the 1st  placed teams in each bracket will advance.  

Bracket A =  Dallas Texans Academy ECNL U18/19

Dallas Texans Academy is going to win this bracket.  Their top challenger will be they should win this group.   Look for the young guns at FC Dallas 03 West to rally and make some noise here. The one enigma of the group is Club Futbol, we couldn't locate any game history there.

Bracket B =  Crossfire Premier ECNL (WA)

Barca Academy will push hard to upset Crossfire Premier to win this group.  However, I feel that Crossfire will hold up to win the bracket.  Their greatest matchup could come from Cruz Azul FC, as they could upset the entire bracket. 

Bracket C =  Solar U19B MLS Next

Solar will win this group. Their top challenger will be San Diego Surf

Bracket D =   FC Dallas U19 Academy

FC Dallas  will win this bracket.  Capital City SC is their top challenger, but Solar Castro could be a very tight game as well. 

Bracket E = Strikers Miami F.C.

Strikers Miami FC is just a class above the rest of the bracket.  RSL-AZ North ECNL will be the top challenger. 

Bracket F =  Miami Rush Kendall MLS Next (FL)

Miami rush should win this bracket, but it will be very close. Real Salt Lake MLS will be the top challenger, but my dark horse is Ayses 02 Boys Gold.  

Bracket G = FC Dallas Youth 02B Premier ECNL

FC Dallas will win this group.  They are the #1 ranked team nationally, but they'll be tested for sure.  Santa Clara Sport, #1 team in California and #2 ranked nationally, is going to give them a run for their money.  Due to the delays in returning to play, I just think Santa Clara Sporting is going to show up a bit rusty.  This is likely going to be the game of the week. 

Bracket H = Solar 02B ECNL Sawyer

Solar ECNL should win this group.  Their top challenger is going to be IMG Academy (FL).

Note: There are no wildcard teams.


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