Dallas Cup Predictions - U18 (2003)
Here's how we predict the U18 (2003) groups in the 2021 Dallas Cup it will play out:

U18 Girls

The U18 Girls group features 8 teams (2 brackets with 4 teams each).   Only the 1st and 2nd placed teams in each bracket will advance.  

Bracket A =  Shamrock Rovers FC 03G, Solar West O3G (Pappas)

Shamrock Rovers FC should win this group. Their top challenger will be Solar West (Pappas), who can play with anyone here and shouldn't be overlooked. These two will advance.  Lastly, the SRFC coach isn't that one Fut411 guy.

Bracket B =   Kernow Storm City FC 03G, FC Dallas 03G West

Storm FC is going to win this group. FC Dallas will be their top challenger, but should fall just short of winning the top sport. It's worth noting that Solar 04G FDL are playing up into this bracket. Let's see if they're in over their heads, or if they'll stun the group and make some noise. 

Note: There are not wildcard teams.

U18 Boys

The U18 Boys group features 24 teams (6 brackets with 4 teams each).   The 1st place team in each bracket will advance, plus 2 wildcard teams.

Bracket A =  Barca Academy 03 (AZ)

Barca Academy is just a class above the field in this bracket, and they should win this group.   RGV FC Toros will push be their top challenger.

Bracket B =  FC Dallas 03B Premier 

FC Dallas will win this group, but they'll play some great matchups in this one.  Los Angeles Soccer Club (LASC) is a very talented group that will show up and bring it every game. However, their  top challenger will be their in-town rivals: Solar West (Donnelly).

Bracket C =  Solar 03B De Leon

Solar will win this group. IMG Academy U17 Elite Boys should be considered to be their top challenger, as they'll be playing up into this group.

Bracket D =   Future Monarchs (MA)

Future Monarchs is a top flight group from Maryland, they should win this group. However, this group could host very close games throughout.  Dallas Roma is  their top challenger and my pick to advance as a wildcard. 

Bracket E = FC Dallas Youth 03B

FC Dallas will win this group.  Their top challenger is going to be FC Premier 03B Opoku.

Bracket F =  Capital City 03B Sky

Capital City should win this bracket. They compete very well across this age group's top team, even defeating Solar DeLeon 2-0 in there last matchup (09/2020).  Their top challenger will be Fall Town FC.  Falls town played them to a 1-1 draw in their last matchup, so they'll be eager to settle it on the pitch this tournament . That's my game to watch.

Wildcard #1 =  IMG Academy U17 Elite

Wildcard #2 =  Dallas Roma F.C.


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