Dallas Cup Predictions - U15 (2006)
Our 2021 Dallas Cup bracket prediction series continues with a review of the U15 (2006) group. Let's talk about how we "think" it will play out:

The U15 age group features 28 teams (7 brackets with 4 teams each).   The 1st place team in each bracket will advance, plus 1 additional wildcard team. Here is how we believe the U15 group plays out.

Bracket A =  Rise U15 MLS Next 

Rise MLS Next is a very strong team and should win this group. Solar ECNL is going to be a tough challenger.

Bracket B =  SD Surf ECNL Boys 2006

SD Surf ECNL Boys 2006  is going to face some challenges, but I believe that they'll ultimately edge out Solar Hildebrand to win this group.  

Bracket C =  CVFC 06 MLS Next (Rebels SC)

Formerly called Rebels SC, this scrappy team from southern California features a direct attacking style that will overwhelm most teams.  The Dallas Texans U15 Academy ECNL is going to be the top challenger and they should claim the lone wildcard spot.

Bracket D =  Solar U15 MLS Academy 

Solar Academy will win this group.  Their road won't be easy, as they'll face tough competition from SoCal Elite FC. However Diego Castro's group will be well coached and should execute just enough to advance in a tight group.

Bracket E =  FC Dallas U15 Academy

Within this very talented group, FC Dallas U15 Academy is in a class alone.  They will face some challenges from both Arsenal SC and Olypiacos Academy,  yet FCD should win out and advance. Their top challenger could very well be Arsenal SC.

Bracket F =  FC Dallas Premier ECNL 

This is going to be the tightest bracket.  While I think FCD will win this group., they'll face tough matchups throughout to secure their top spot. RSL-AZ North 06B ECNL  will be the primary challenger. 

Bracket G =  RSL-AZ MLS 06B

 The group from Arizona should win this group.   While I feel that Nevada youth Soccer LV Pros is their top challenger, Sparta United will be a formidable challenger as well.  

Wildcard #1 =  RSL-AZ North 06B ECNL 


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