Dallas Cup Predictions - U14 (2007)
Our 2021 Dallas Cup bracket prediction series continues with a review of the U14 (2007) group. Let's talk about how we "think" it will play out:

The U14 age group features 32 teams (8 brackets with 4 teams each).   This age group will not advance any wildcards, only the 1st place team in each bracket will advance. 

Bracket A =  Total Futbol Academy 

Total Futbol Academy  (Gomez) is the #1 ranked team out of California. This scrappy group out of Orange County will make some noise, yet they'll be challenged well by  FC Dallas U14 Academy in their H2H match.  TFA-Gomez should win out and claim 1st place in this group. I do have both teams advancing.  

Bracket B =  Cadence SFC Academy

This group features some tight competition and multiple challengers. While I feel Cadence SFC Academy wins the group, I believe Glendale FC emerges as the primary challenger.  

Bracket C =  Dallas Texans U14 Academy

Dallas Texans U14 Academy is in for a tough draw. However, as they've proven via their championship run at the 2020 Copa Rayados Invitational, they are more that formidable. Featuring a blitzing attack in transition, this well coached team should edge out the others and win the group. While  Florida Premier FC will push them, their toughest challenger will be San Diego SC ECNL.

Bracket D =  Real Salt Lake - AZ MLS 07 

Real Salt Lake - AZ MLS 07 should win this group.  Arsenal Sporting FC could be their primary challenger. 

Bracket E =  Solar U14 MLS Academy

While I feel like Solar MLS is the better team of the group, it's only fair that I mention the impact COVID-19 has had on Clovis Crossfire. Like many California clubs/teams,  they've only recently began to play locally again, so I'm expecting some surprises from them.   With all this said,  I standby my prediction that  Solar U14 MLS Academy should win this group and advance.

Bracket F =  Rise U14 MLS Next 

Rise U14 MLS Next will win this group. Colorado Rush Academy will be the primary challenger. 

Bracket G =  Strikers FC Irvine 07B ECNL

 Our early prediction is that Strikers FC wins the group, having narrowly overcome the Dallas Rebels 07B (Loya), as their primary challenger.  The group from Maryland, SAC/BA Pre-Academy, will be a formidable challenger as well. 

Bracket H =  Houston Dynamo Academy 

Houston Dynamo Academy will win this group.  Allegiance FC Black and Crossfire Premier will play very tough, but Dynamo will claim the group to advance.


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