Dallas Cup Predictions - U13 (2008)
Continuing our bracket prediction series, let’s review the how I believe the U13 (2008) group will play out at the 2021 Dallas Cup.

The U13 age group features 24 teams (6 brackets with 4 teams each).  The 1st place team in each bracket will advance, plus 2 wildcard teams. Here is how we believe the U13 group plays out.

Bracket A =  Solar U13 MLS Next 

Solar’s #2 National ranking speaks for itself, but having seen their pedigree in person, I can say with confidence that they are real. Cadence SFC Academy should be the primary challenger. This scrappy group out of Illinois should feature some technical flair and creativity, as they were a dominant futsal club before. 

Bracket B =  FC Dallas U13 Academy

FCD Academy is what I consider to be a class above the rest of their group. They should win this group, with Houston Dynamo Academy being a potential challenger. 

Bracket C =  DKSC 08B Lopez

This is going to be a nail biter. Solar ECNL is a great team, very well coached…. but DKSC 08 Lopez is going to make some noise and I have them upsetting to win both their h2h game vs Solar, and thus taking this group. I do have both teams advancing.

Bracket D =  Slammers FC 08B ECNL 

Slammers FC ECNL, out of California, should win this group. Tulsa SC ECNL is a well coached team that should test them as a the top challenger. I have both teams advancing

Bracket E =  Real Salt Lake MLS 08

This is the tightest bracket in the age group. All 4 teams are challengers, but I think RSL MLS 08 will edge out FCD Premier to win the bracket.  

Bracket F =  Dallas Texans 08B ECNL 

Dallas Texans ECNL could have their hands full with PSG Academy (FL). Hassan’s group should be ready and will edge out PSG to claim the bracket..

Wildcard #1 =  Solar 08B ECNL

Wildcard #2 =  FC Dallas Premier


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