Dallas Cup Predictions - U12 (2009)
Dallas Cup recently released the highly anticipated schedules for the 2021 event. So our predictions series for this tourney will kick off with the youngest age group: U12 (2009).

The U12 age group features 20 teams (5 brackets with 4 teams each).  The 1st place team in each bracket will advance, plus 3 wildcard teams. Here is how we believe the U12 group plays out.

Bracket A =  Allegiance Black 09 

Once ranked the #1 team in the age group in the nation, Allegiance Black 09B should show up strong. They will need to be on their best game to edge out a win vs Arsenal FC that should determine the group.

Bracket B =  ID TFC Dynamo Catalyst 09

Anyone who has actually monitored the 2020 Copa Rayados should be respectful of this team. They will be strong and should win this tough group. FC Dallas West is my challenger in this group, as I think they could steal it on points.

Bracket C =  LAFC U12 Academy

Formerly known as Total Futbol Academy (TFA),  this one of the best teams in California. LAFC should show up strong and take this group.  The challenger will be a solid Dallas Texans U12 group, coached by Nick Stravou. 

Bracket D =  FC Dallas U12 Academy North 

This is likely going to be the tightest group, but I have FCD Academy winning this one. It features the #1 Utah team and a tough SD Surf group.  Solar Academy (Kennington) is a very well coached team that should push them hard as a the top challenger.

Bracket E =  RSL-AZ North

This one is probably the most unbalanced bracket, at a glance. RSL-AZ is a class above the rest of the bracket. However, the most interesting story is FC Dallas US12 Academy South. The last time Dallas Cup played (2019), was  also the inaugural season for the FCD South Academy program.  Going into the tournament, nobody had them advancing from their group. After barely advancing from their group as a wildcard (via GD),  FCD South Academy went on to stun their way into the final, where they fell short. They were the Cinderella story of 2019, but can they do it again?  

Wildcard #1 =  FC Dallas West

Wildcard #2 =  Dallas Texans 09B 

Wildcard #3 =  Solar U12 Academy (Kennington)