Dallas Cup Boys Semi-Finalists & Reactions
Since the U13-U16 boys quarter-finals matchups played out on 4/1, let's review how the semi-finals matchups will look, and we'll share our picks for the finalist:

U13 (2008)

Semi-Finals A:  SoCal Elite FC vs Slammers FC ECNL

Semi-Finals B:  Houston Dynamo Academy vs Soccerforkids.org Select FC

The quarterfinals played out in some very tight matchups. DKSC Lopez fell just short after making an incredible run, and living up to my predictions as underdogs to win their group. Nothing for them to hang their heads low on.... NTX Pride.  Solar MLS fell to a scrappy SoCal Elite team. The Semi-Finals will be just as tight, so good luck to the teams playing them. 

Projected Finals Matchup:  Slammers FC vs Houston Dynamo Academy

U14 (2007)

Semi-Finals A:  SD Surf SC vs Solar U14 MLS Academy

Semi-Finals B:  Dallas Rebels 07B Loya vs Dallas Texans U14 Academy

Solar MLS  just edged out RSL Academy to advance into the semi-finals.  Their coach, Ben Williams, has already been crowned this week as a 2021 Dallas Cup Champion thanks to his U17 girls group.  It's going to be exciting to see if he can become one o the  first coaches to win a Dallas Cup championship for both girls and boys teams within the same tournament. They must first overcome a very talented SD Surf team who has been on fire in their last 2  matches, dominating both games for a combined score of 8-0. This won't be a walk in the park.   On the other side,  Dallas Texans Academy is a very well coached group that recently won the prestigious Copa Rayados International Cup.   However, nobody should overlook the small indy club. Dallas Rebels is a group that has consistently competed well amongst the top groups both locally and nationally.  

Projected Finals Matchup:  Solar U14 MLS Academy vs Dallas Texans U14 Academy ECNL

U15 (2006)

Semi-Finals A:  RSL-AZ North 06B Rideout ECNL vs FC Dallas U15 Academy

Semi-Finals B:  SD Surf ECNL 06B  vs Dallas Texans U15 Academy

Solar MLS drew a very tough FC Dallas Academy team that has been dominant throughout the competition.  Solar ECNL fell short against a quality RSL ECNL group. Nothing to hang their heads about there. Dallas Texans overcame FC Dallas Premier ECNL to advance into the semi finals, but their draw of SD Surf ECNL is going to test them tremendously.  SD Surf has yet to give up a goal to an opponent, and their attack has been hot from start to finish. 

Projected Finals Matchup:  FC Dallas U15 Academy vs SD Surf ECNL 06B

U16 (2005)

Semi-Finals A:  ID Houston Dynamo CDP vs  Dallas Texans U16 Academy

Semi-Finals B:  Olympiacos Futbol vs  FC Dallas 05 Premier ECNL

The story of these quarterfinals was FC Dallas defeating the former champions, DKSC Selecao, 3-2. What a great run DKSC made to defend their crown, and an awesome game these two groups played.  FC Dallas now moves on to meet  another super talented team in Olympiacos Futbol. I watched earlier in the week as this  scrappy group from southern Cali  destroyed Dallas Texans ECNL (Craft) 4-0 in very hot start to the tournament. This will be a tight one if both teams are on when they face off.  Dallas Texans U16 Academy were able to edge out Solar MLS to punch their ticket into the semi's.  They have yet to yield a goal to an opponent in tournament play. Can they keep it going?

Projected Finals Matchup:  ID Houston Dynamo CDP vs FC Dallas 05 Premier ECNL


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