Coaching Changes: Sting's New Hire Sparks Controversy
With the news of hiring Tyler Powell as their ECNL Director coming last week, Sting SC has been trending as a topic around NTX. While collectively it's been a positive reception from the youth soccer community, internally it's been mired in controversy and unanswered questions.

So what's the big deal?

The obvious issue comes when one considers that 20+ teams left FC Dallas West division, to join Sting SC in support of Powell's move to the club.  All of the transition, has occurred just in time for their tryouts and open practices to begin (May 1st), which is essentially midseason. 

We've been getting blown up about this move and it's impact on the FCD West Division.  I'm sure FCD is working to retain and notify what's left of their West division, as this was a huge blow to them out west.  We'll keep our ears open as we learn more. For now, Congrats to Sting and Coach Powell.


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