Breaking: ECNL Boys launches a 3rd Division to rival Boys Classic
ECNL Boys is incredibly excited to announce the launch of the new ECNL Regional League – North Texas for the 2022-23 season. The ECNL Regional League – North Texas will include boys teams from U11-U18/19 from clubs throughout Dallas and other cities in northern Texas.

Say what?

“The launch of the ECNL Boys Regional League – North Texas will unite and improve the player development pathway for the region’s top clubs in a meaningful way with strategic alignment of leagues under the ECNL,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner Jason Kutney. “With this addition, and with the existing ECNL Regional League – Texas Conference and the ECNL Club Competition in the Texas Conference, the ECNL will provide development and competition opportunities for players, teams and clubs at multiple levels, all featuring great regular-season competition, showcase potential, and a postseason pathway.”

“We are excited to operate the ECNL Boys Regional League – North Texas as a new addition to the ECNL Regional League platform,” said League Director Aaron Gordon. “The expanded opportunities for the players and clubs participating in the league are fantastic and having a pathway into the ECNL Regional League Playoffs and future Regional League events is a game-changer for our members.”

The initial clubs joining the ECNL Regional League – North Texas are below. Additional clubs will be joining the league and will be announced at a later date. 

  • Avanti Soccer Academy
  • BVB-IA
  • Dallas Texans
  • FC Dallas
  • Renegades SC
  • Solar SC
  • Sting Dallas

So what's the big deal?

As you might imagine, the rumor mill has been going for a few weeks on the impacts of this new league. We are told from a source within that FC Dallas held a coaches meeting this week, where they shared the news of this new league launch, and their strategic exodus of Boys Classic League. The implications are clear, Classic league is in obvious trouble if this trend holds true to form and other big clubs begin to follow.  Adding to this complication is that the ECNL/RL-NTX seems to be indy club friendly.  Avanti and Renegades SC are two of the fastest growing clubs in all of North Texas, and they have a seat at the table within this league.  We can only assume, that the requirements are amicable to independent clubs seeking opportunities to build relationships within the national platforms. This actually strikes to the core of what sustains classic league at the older age groups, indy clubs and teams.  Only two are there for now, but we can only assume others will follow. 

As the ever shifting competitive landscape for boys soccer within NTX continues to evolves, the gaps within the talent pool continues widen. Many clubs aren't going to be able to fill competitive teams within all 3 Boys ECNL levels (ECNL, ECNL/RL, ECNL/RL-NTX).  Leaving some to wonder, how will Boys Classic league survive its new local rival? Will ECNL/RL-NTX feature any byes into the Dallas Cup?  What is the pathway for other independent clubs to join this league? Do we think Boys Classic league makes any changes to their process in hopes of competing?

As always, we'll keep listening and sharing what we are able to learn about all of this.  Let us know your thoughts.  Considering they have 20+ teams set to play the Classic QT, will FCD really leave boys classic league? Will boys classic league survive or nah? Join our FB group and let us know how you really feel. 


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