2021 Dallas Cup Boys Updates & Reactions
Here are more updates from Dallas Cup, as the U12 Boys group play ends, and U13-U16 finals matchups are set and more...

U12 Boys Quarter-Finals

So review how our Dallas Cup bracket predictions held up to the actual results:

Bracket A =  YD Aspire 09 Black

Bracket B =   HDDYSC HDA Catalyst

Bracket C =  Los Angeles United Futbol Academy **

Bracket D =  Solar 09B Academy(Kennington) **

Bracket E =  Crossfire Premier

Wildcard #1 =  FC Dallas U12 Academy South

Wildcard #2 =  SD Surf NPL Boys

Wildcard #3 =  FC Dallas Youth 09B West **

I was only right about 3/8 advancement predictions, so I won't be gloating here at all. The group stages were brutal, and eliminated some of my favorites early.  Shoutout goes to  my "cinderella pick",  FC Dallas Academy South for once again overcoming the odds advance as a wildcard.Congratulations to all the teams who are advancing, and best wishes going into their quarter-finals matchups. 

U13 Boys Final

  SoCal Elite FC vs Houston Dynamo Academy

Both groups have played extremely well, but I think Dynamo has proven to be in a class of their own throughout the tournament.  I'll take Houston Dynamo in a close game. 

U14 Boys Final

SD Surf SC vs Dallas Rebels (Loya)

I'm taking the dark horse in this one, the Dallas Rebels(Loya). This indy club has earned my respect and have proven through their consistent play that they are legit.  They'll face off with a talented Surf group that features several LAFC guest players. This game will be tight, and it will come down to execution in the attacking 3rd. Both teams will have huge forwards who can stretch the pitch and strike for distance. 

U15 Boys Final

FC Dallas U15 Academy vs SD Surf SC

SD Surf SC is a very well coached team and a talented bunch. They were successful in edging out Dallas Texans in the semi-final, but they will have a gargantuous task in this final.   FC Dallas' U15 Academy has been simply exceptional . I fully expect them to win the final.

U16 Boys Final

Dallas Texans U16 Academy vs Olympiacos FC Academy

Olympiacos FC is a very talented team from southern California. They started this tournament off very hot, netting 8 goals in the first 2 games. They've consistently held up defensively throughout, edging out  over FC Dallas Premier in the semi-final 1-0.  Dallas Texans U16 Academy has yet to yield a single goals to an opponent this week. They've played very strong. My prediction is that Olympiacos wins a very tight final. 

U17 Boys Semi-Finals

SD Surf SC ECNL vs Miami Rush MLS

Baltimore Amour U17 MLS vs FC Dallas ETX 04B

The quarter-finals played out in some very tight matchups. Weston FC fell to SD Surf 1-0, While our dark horse team's run came to an end, as Falls Town fell to FC Dallas ETX in a very close game. The Semi-Finals will be just as close, so good luck to the teams playing them. 

Projected Finals Matchup:  Miami Rush MLS vs Baltimore Amour U17 MLS

U18 Boys Semi-Finals

FC Premier 03B vs Future Monarchs

FC Dallas 03B Premier vs Indiana FireJuniors 03B

What a fantastic story we have brewing with FC Premier. This small indy club from NTX has played strong all tournament. I can't wait to see how they perform against the Future Monarchs from Maryland. I'm pulling for the underdog. 

Projected Finals Matchup:  FC Premier vs FC Dallas 03B Premier

U19 Boys Semi-Finals

Dallas Texans U19 Academy vs FC DallasU19 Academy

FC Dallas 03B Premier vs Solar U19B MLS Academy

It's so dope to see that the semi-finals will be all NTX teams. Dallas Texans U19 Academy will face-off with FC Dallas U19 Academy, a group which features a few of the younger FCD talents like Jordan Jones who play up onto this roster.  Solar MLS  will also have their hands full with the talented roster that FC Dallas Premier possesses.  

Projected Finals Matchup:
  Dallas Texans U19 Academy vs Solar U19B MLS Academy


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