Victory SC 08 Boys (Black) are Victorious
This week in the #BragBarn, we are sending a special shoutout to a victorious group a 2008 boys. Congratulations to Victory SC 08B Black on their promotion campaign from Classic League D3 to D1.

Victory SC is a small independent club operating in Arlington, Mansfield, Burleson, Cleburne, and Granbury.  Their club's mission statement reads: ".. to develop and challenge youth soccer players to have a high standard of technical and tactical proficiency by providing positive coaching that leads to the well-balanced success and enjoyment of soccer".   Nothing illustrates their club's production, better than their 2008 Boys (Black) group. The joy and smile these kids show on the pitch, tells the story best.

Victory 08B Black started the fall in Classic Division 3,  with a goal to promote much like every other team in their bracket. Classic Leagues' new mid-season promotion structure  provided them with a unique opportunity, and they seized the moment. Upon earning promotion into Division 2 during the fall season, the Victory boys battled throughout the spring season to  earn 2nd place in the standing. This 2nd place bid earns the boys promotion into Classic League Division 1.  

Congratulations to these awesome boys, their parents, and their coach Johnny Rangel on a VICTORIOUS 2020-2021 campaign. Best of luck to them in the fall. 


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