Bragging Rights: Dallas Texans 09 Boys play spoiler at the Michael Brown Tournament
Annoyed that they weren't mentioned in our discussion of 09 club team rivalries, Dallas Texans 09 boys crashes the party in the very best way...

Heading into this weekend's tournament, Michael Brown Winter Classic XX, so much  attention was focused on anticipated rematch of the top 2 ranked 09 boys teams: Allegiance 09 Black and Solar 09 Pre-MLS.  Congratulations is in order, yet it belongs to neither of these aforementioned groups. We want to  celebrate Dallas Texans 09 Boys (Stavrou).   They played spoiler, knocking off both teams before the rematch was even played:

Texans beat both Allegiance and Solar Pre-MLS this weekend, putting both us and the nation on notice that they are a  team to watch. While we were all so busy looking ahead, we forgot to respect the bracket play of this tournament. Perhaps both Allegiance and Solar Pre-MLS were looking ahead to their rematch. At this point it doesn't matter as much who wins the anticipated rematch. The new Kings of the #BragBarn are the Dallas Texans 09 Boys (Stavrou). Great work to them, and we will be watching the impact on the YSR rankings following the completion of his tournament.  One would expect movement with the #1 team losing two weekends in a row. Also the #4 team just knocked off the top 2... Let's see how it shakes out. 


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